Common Fencing Styles in Plantation FL

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Plantation Fence Builders has established its brand as a company with the best fencing styles in Plantation, FL. This is because our team brings a wealth of fencing experience to the table. We have been in the fencing business for years, crafting fences that work and developing a catalogue of the most coveted fence designs. Throughout the years, as we have adapted our skills and designs, we have always remained constant with our commitment to incredible customer service and affordability.

Fence Builders Custom Fencing Materials

Wood Fences: With the best oak, spruce, fir, pine, cedar, cypress, maple, redwood, and other wood materials from around the country, wooden fences are a traditional favorite! They are timeless, durable, and affordable options for your backyard fences and privacy fences. Wood fences also have tons of color and staining options to match the aesthetics of the rest of your home.

PVC/Vinyl Fences: PVC and Vinyl fences are popular for many of the same reasons as wood, including low costs and customizable options. However, because PVC fences are made from cutting edge fence engineering processes, they are made to hold their color and resist weather damage. As a result, they hold their value because you save on maintenance costs.

Aluminum Fences: Ornamental in design, aluminum fences are a great option for pool fencing. This is because they are durable and offer great visibility so that you can keep eyes on your kiddos during their pool parties. Our aluminum fences are also built for decorative flare to give you an artistic approach to your fencing design.

Chain-Link Fences: Plantation Fence Builders make chain-link fences that serve many different functions across Plantation. Their low cost installation, galvanized metal materials, and durability are typically found in construction sites and residential properties that don’t mind the visibility.

Wrought Iron Fences: Looking for that extra “wow” factor for your luxury home? Our wrought iron fence installations provide jaw-dropping elegance and first class durability. All wrought iron fencing is hand crafted in our warehouse and professionally treated to resist rust and corrosion. They pair well with automatic driveway gates, also making them popular among gated communities and security complexes.

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Custom Fencing Designs in Plantation, FL

Once you choose from our inventory of professional-grade fencing materials, our fencing design specialists walk you through our impressive catalogue of coveted fencing designs. Below is a brief description of some of our most common fences:

Residential Fences: For homeowners looking for security and privacy, our stockade panel wooden fence is a common design from the Plantation Fence Builders. It is simple in beauty, affordable in price, durable over time, and highly functional in use. Also, by getting a residential fence, you are investing in your property’s market value. This means that you get a strong return on your investment!

Commercial Fences: Businesses rely on many of Plantation Fence Builder fences for their businesses and commercial properties. For example, our local hotels love our commercial dog-ear panel PVC fences because the white vinyl goes well with the aesthetic of the property. It is also a simple design to designate parking lots and storage facilities.

Industrial Fences: Industrial complexes tend to contain many potential hazards on site. A great example of this is a construction zone; many construction tools, debris, and waste materials are scattered throughout the site. By having a chain-link industrial fence on the property, workers can safely restrict access from bystanders to limit liability and contain the site. This leads the safer construction of Broward County!

Pool Fences: We all know how crazy the beach can be, so many people in Plantation turn to swimming pools to enjoy sunbathing. For both residential and commercial pools, it is imperative to have a pool fence. From aluminum pool fences to PVC and vinyl pool fences, we have plenty of intuitive designs. Your pool fence can be customized to increase security and privacy, attach to a pool gate, and limit access.

Yard Fences: Yard fences help define your outdoor space. If you are looking to grow a garden in your backyard, having a yard fence can help protect it from intrusive rodents and other unknown elements. Also, a yard fence is great for adding another element of charm to your home. Plantation Fence Builders has several picket and panel fencing options that will go wonderfully with your yard!

Security Fences: Security fences are an important step to take when keeping your property safe. Plantation Fence Builders can personalize your fence, including attaching it to a security gate, to keep your premises safe from trespassers.

Privacy Fences: Privacy is one of the biggest perks of owning a home. To maintain privacy from the outside world, Plantation Fence Builders recommends 6ft panel fences for maximum privacy. To discourage people from hopping your fence, we suggest the gothic point design at the tops of your fence.

Agricultural Fences: Old Macdonald had a farm, and you can bet your sweet tea that he surrounded it with an agricultural fence! We have trademark post-and-rail wood fencing designs to contain livestock as well as other farmer-friendly fencing solutions.

Sport Facility Fences: Plantation Fence Builders is the primary installer of Plantation’s sport facility fences. Our fence contractors have installed game-winning dugouts, batting cages, outfields, outdoor tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, football field fences, and more! We are proud of our continued support towards Broward’s amazing sports teams!

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There are dozens of more options offered by our Plantation Fence Builders team. When you speak to our customer service representatives and catalogue specialists, you will get a comprehensive run-down of your fencing possibilities. All inquiries are met with a free estimate for all custom fencing services. There is no pressure by our staff; we simply educate you on the different designs so that you can make the best choice for your situation and budget. Also, Plantation Fence Builders gives you plenty of flexible payment options so that you can get the fence of your dreams without succumbing to a financial nightmare!